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"Interior Design doesn't have to be expensive or complicated! It should be smart & user friendly"

established 12/14/1972

Interior Designing Firm based in California

The GK DESIGN INTERNATIONAL INC Architecture Transfer Program and Interior Design Transfer programs are for students who intend to transfer with advanced placement into a Bachelor of Architecture Program or Bachelor of Interior Design program.

The GK DESIGN INTERNATIONAL INC Graduate Preparation Program is for students who already have a Bachelors degree in another discipline and want to get a Master of Architecture Degree.

The GK DESIGN INTERNATIONAL INC Advanced Studies in American Space Program is a design studio intended for advanced students and practicing professionals

The GK DESIGN INTERNATIONAL INC Summer Program for international students is a short design, rendering, and portfolio studio that helps international students to improve their design and portfolio skills.

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Choosing Dionne Springer was the smartest decision we made on this project – and was the most important factor to our success. The quality of the design made all the difference.”
John J.
"GK DESIGN INTERNATIONAL INC is perpetually focused on moving forward to deliver the best design within budget and taste. Carl and his team have this incredible ability to adapt even through Value-Engineering, without ever looking back."
Smith T.
"Dionne Springer is as creative as anyone I've ever come across, but he retains a practical view of the projects, knowing that it needs to make sense. Rather than simply plowing forward and doing what they want, he and his team do a great job of listening and delivering what you want".
Michelle P.
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